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50,000 people witness the miracle! Bayern is 0-5, created in 121 years, Levanoski desperate

On October 28th, Beijing time, the German Cup Bayern is a guest to the bursts. In many people, Bayern is definitely easy to defeat the opponent, successfully advance the next round, and did not expect that this German giants, but encountered epic Level fiasco, eventually english newsthey 0-5 lost to the opponent.

This hammer is less than 2 minutes, and Bayern lost the ball. The opponent coordinated in the front field, and Bayern defensive was completely smashed, and finally the department was built, and the door is 1-0 lead. A few minutes later, Hoffmann single knife killed the penalty area, but unfortunately shot.

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However, although Bayern fled, but the second robbery immediately, the 14th minute, Huffman passed, this Semini took the horse to arrive, he did not stop the ball directly, and the score became 2-0.

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In the 21st minute, Bayern defensive points in the penalty area, and then this Semini took thedend, than the main team 3-0. According to statistics, this is the history of Bayern for 121 years. For the first time in the German cup, I was scored 3 goals in the German cup, and I have been spiked a shame.

In the second half, the main team continued to attack, and quickly became 2 goals in the 51st minute and 58 minutes, which became 5-0, Bayern became a tragedy. It was a lot of opportunities to have a lot of opportunities, otherwise, Bayern didn’t only lose 5 balls at any time.

Don’t think that Bayern is because they have sent a lot of substitutes, they lead to the defeat, in fact, they are in their basic main main first, L’Wando, Muller, Gazley, Sanet and Nobil, etc. Main, all hair, Bayern still lost no temper, the defeat, Naglsman without any excuse.

I have to say, this is absolutely a miracle, under the witness of the 50,000 fans on the spot, the door has played an epic victory, all the fans of the scene, there are people’s coaches and players on the field, they will Be recorded by history. In contrast, Bayern’s players are too bad, of which Levanoski is desperate, I hope this fiasco, don’t affect his competition Golden Award. But even if you have a prize, this game is also the game that La Wan’s career is most exciting!

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