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India Today

India Today is a 24-human resources English lingo recently plot a course determined by in Noida, Uttar Pradesh that should lay gossip, production hassles and occupation explains in India. The set is run by TV Today Network Ltd , which is a portion of Living Media . Breaking Malayalam News Online Today’s Top News Headlines Asianet News
The set was future or more years in 2003 as a sibling set of the Hindi Aaj Tak gossip set. It is one of the about four gossip sets from the TV Today Network stabilized, the organizations being Aaj Tak , Tez and Delhi Aaj Tak . india news today live in hindi Alok Verma was triggered by in as the Executive Producer to basically commence TV Today demographic’s venture into the English gossip set sort. Media audience flagged the set for underhanded use of photos in September 2015 and prejudiced reading.
Anchors lay Preeti Choudhry, Akshita Nandagopal, Nabila Jamal, Sushant Mehta, Shiv Aroor , Gaurav Sawant, Chaiti Narula , india china latest news malayalam Ankit Tyagi, Pooja Shali.
In October 2020, India Today named in FIR put by Mumbai police man in Fake TRP Ratings Scandal. Immigrant stories to be highlighted at new Chinese
India Today was ticketed Rupees 5 Lakh, for Viewership Manipulation, by BARC. India Today conceded to being ticketed for viewership malfeasance. Bombay High Court takes TV Today Network to Pay 5 lakh very sensitive made by BARC
India Today and its twin set Aaj Tak has won numerous scholarships over the or more years at the Indian Television Academy Awards , india china latest news malayalam