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601 primary and secondary school athletes in Qiqiao are excluded

On October 31, aaj tak news in hindi today livethe 2021 “Sports Lottery Cup” in Fuqiao District, Suzhou City, the perfect ending of the 32nd team of 32 representative teams, in the Shuzhou Ninth Middle School Education Group, Yunyun Road Campus and Jinhai Campus The sneakers are struggling on the green ground, and the passion dances youth.

The competition project has a primary school man group, a primary school woman group, junior high school man group, junior high school women’s group, referred to the latest “Football Competition Rules”, all groups of football competitions, and the 11-person competition in the junior high school group. The primary school group conducted an 8-person competition; taking a single cycle system. 11 The human game is 70 minutes,current media news on, in the second half of each 35 minutes, the midfield is no more than 15 minutes; 8 people have a 60-minute walk latest national news of india time, and in the second half, the midfield is not more than 15 minutes.

This football competition is implemented in strictting normalized epidemic prevention and control and safety protection, lasted for 6 days, organized 72 games; divided into two time periods, October 22nd to October 24th organized junior high school group 16 games in the competition; October 29 to October 31st, primary school groups, 56 games. On the court, the small athletes struggled hard, passionate, small football rolled at their feet, such as the elves shuttle, solid basic skills, good tactics, fast-moving mobile attack, run, pass , With the ball, pass, the shot, etc. Action, the fierce, the fierce confrontation, solid defense, today today today today sharp offensive, exciting, the climax, the wonderful, every time I fight, every time I get into the ball, highlight the team collaboration, Competition, sunshine, perfect interpretation of the charm of football.

In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education in accordance with the National Ministry of Education, the football entering campus, comprehensively improves students’ quality, balanced development education, and conscientiously implement the campus football action plan, and organizes a small and medium-sized school student throughout the year. The development of football, improves football level, cultivated, and delivered a group of outstanding reserve talents, laying a good foundation for the level of football in Suzhou City. (Special Correspondent: High Relay)