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Advance the top four! Heze "Kung Fu Football" once again shines the national stadium

Volkswagen · Poster Journalist Zhang Guanghui correspondent Zhang Xuan Heze report

On December 5, 2020, it was a memorable day in the history of Heze Football. Today, Heze City Caozhou Wushu School “Kung Fu Football Team” was in the 2020 National School Cup Football Competition (U14) Finals, 2: 1 defeated Shanxi Datong Sports School, entered the top four.

In 2020, the National Sports School Cup Football Competition was hosted by the State Sports General Administration, hosted new samachar by the China Football Association, held in Jiangxi · Dingnan National Football Training Center, and the 16th team participating in the country. Heze Caozhou “Kung Fu Football Team” in the group race 8: 0 overcome Shaolin Taugou Wushu School, 10: 1 defeat Hanzhong Sports School, 2: 3 Regret to Meizhou Sports School, with the second entry into the country.

In the final of this afternoon, the Heze Caozhou “Kung Fu Football Team” against the first Shanxi, the first Shanxi, the first Shanxi. Under the spiritual pillar of the team, the head coach Zhu Jinsong correctly commanded that all players made unremitting efforts, and the final team won by 2: 1, entered the top four, became a “black horse” of this competition, once again Created the history of Heze football, letting “Kung Fu Football” shine in the stage of Chinese football.

Heze Caozhou “Kung Fu Football Team” was established times of india reporter contact number in 2015, composed of excellent martial arts students in Caozhou Wushu School. With a 5-day football class, 2 days of martial arts class “5 + 2” new model, after three years of professional training, these martial arts students have gained the first high honor in life through football. In 2018, the team has achieved the fourth place in the 24th sports meeting of Shandong Province, so that “Kung Fu Football” is a new city business card in Heze in front of Shandong people; in 2019, participate in the National Qing Chao League, won North China Region The first place in group C, let “Kung Fu Football” dazzled in the national stadium; this year, in the national sports school cup football competition finals, all the way will pass all the way, enter the top four in the country, once again let “Kung Fu Football” shine National stadium.

In August 2019, Zhang Zhongwen, Party Secretary and Director of the State Sports General Administration, wwe current news in hindi and the president of the Party Committee of the Beijing Sport University, met with Shi Changhua and Caozhou news update in english Wushu, director of the Heze Municipal Sports Bureau, Jiaqi, Mupu, for the development of Heze Sports and Caozhou Wushu Academy in recent years. Expressing affirmation, the results of the football project are highly praised, and propose “martial arts +” concept, encourages the development of ice hockey and other projects, and designated the direction of the school martial arts, football, Taekwondo, wrestling, ice hockey.

Organic combination with martial arts created a new way out of the development of sports projects. With the better physical quality and physical function, the flexibility, flexibility, explosive force, bounce, start-up speed, confrontation ability and will, etc. Exhausted. With the basis of martial arts training, the skill levels of the players have rapidly improved, coupled with the team awareness and bengal looms india strategy shown in football training, making the players more comprehensive improvement.

Under the strong support of the leadership of the State Sports General Administration, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the Provincial Sports Bureau, Heze Caozhou “Kung Fu Football” will not be expected to look, constantly writing a new chapter.
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