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After the Trien’s thermal thorn, the four attractions were first emphasized.


Tottenham is officially signed with Anthony today’s main news headlines in english O’Gotti as a coach, and Kongti is the coach they want to start this season.

Confi’s lasting is not a secret for anyone, which is a pony urgently needed. Italian coach to the hot thistle to apply for four players he hoped to strengthen the economic times updates current lineup; the four people join, will strengthen the different regions on the field, and these four people come from Italy.

The first is one of his darles in the International Milan. The Netherlands defended Drefray, and it can be seen that the defense line is one of the primary tasks of Conit; all hindi news channel name in order to strengthen the competition of the right road, the candidate of Kongti is the Lazio of Lazio. A player with a strong side folding ability, and this is what the Titi 352 is required.

At the same time, Kongti hopes to strengthen the midfield pillar, and he puts the name of Acmanola google uk search engine Cathy’s Name of Casy to the management desktop, and Casea is currently one of the objects of many of Europe. The last person, Kongtie wants a new shooter to deal with Keyne’s dumb, for this, his choice is the 2000 born in Florence, from Sel’Via, news18 english live Vlahovich.