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Agia has a fall of the Champions League: Elderly Nobi, Edison 7 games, the best

The Champions League began again, some of the best doors in google news malayalam today the world will also appear. Goalkeeper is often overlooked by fans, but never neglected by teammates and coaches, they are essential in football. Each team that has won the Champions League has a great door. But in the Champions League of this season, who will be the best goalkeeper?

5. Edson, age: 28, Club: Manchester City, last season Champions League 7

Liverpool’s Ali and Barcelona did not be selected, who can squeeze into the top 5 of the list is a difficult choice. For Telfen, he has just recovered from injuries. He has a poor in Barcelon this season, so he needs to work hard to return to the list. Alidong has injuries in the season, he is still very good, but it is not as medically unbelieving latest news india times of india as usual.

Edson is an outstanding blockbuster. He has excellent and more passage. He is an important part of Manchester City offensive today head line news strategy. It is not only an additional organization, but also it is the best in the team. Telephone. He should be higher on the list, but he chooses to face Havallz last season, let Manchester City lose the Champions League, this is his mistake.

4. Cookea, age: 29, Club: Real Madrid, last season Championship 4

As the door of Real Madrid, Kuritu Warace is slow, but he overcome this, climbing the peak again. Now he is back, it has become one of the best goals of the football. With his incredible reaction ability and long arm, it is a lot of reclamation. Real Madrid tightened the formation in the 2019/20 season, kicking the defensive football, Curtou is a key figure of the club, eventually win the championship.

3. Nobel, age: 35, Club: Bayern, last season Champions League lost 3 games

Nobel defeated Mbpe and NeMal, helping Bayern won write a news report based on the given headline the 2020 Champions League. Now he is 35 years old, he is already one of the best goals in the world. Nobel is the core of the team, and he is in the back of Bayern, which is a straightforward leader.

2. Oblak, age: 28, club: horse contest, last season Champions League 2

Oblak has been the guarantee of Ma Jing over years, he is always able to hold the last defense line of May. The Simoni’s team won the Laylia championship last season, Oblak played an important role, and now he will fight with Alicison, try to punch in the Champions League.

1. Di Di, age: 29, Club: Chelsea, last season Champions League 6

Di Di stands out from the unknown small stroke last season, he replaced Kempa, let Chelsea’s rear defense lines are more stable. Last season in the Champions League phase, Men Di kept 5 games in 7 games, helping Chelsea won the india news yesterday championship trophy, and thus won the Best Gate of the European Feder issue. Men Di’s defensive is as strong as a rock. He left a deep impression at 91.18% of the rescue rate in the Champions League last season. He absolutely be the best door will be in the Champions League. He is so good, so that when the Chue Saha is facing his goal, even though he kicked into the world-class goal, people were still surprised.