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Amazing insider! Ramsse is not the accident, which is a handsome.

Ramsea's tragic moment when the leggings of the year
Ramsea’s tragic moment when the leggings of the year

  According to the Sun Daily, Durd Tockenton, Daiv Tterssen, said in the legacy of Ram, the former pottery coach Puls needs to be partly responsible.

play the latest news of times of india   Since 2008, the potential is re-acquired, since the style with Arsenal is two extremes, there has been a sense of sense between the two teams, and has gradually derived hatred and gunpowder, eventually, in 2010 Arsena and In the game of Toke City, Xiaokros squid for Ramsee, causing the Welsh to break the leg.

  In the game of Ramsey legs, Kiterson sat on the mat, he thought Ramse was inevitable, because Bris was constantly inciting the aggression of Stark City’s players in that week. sex.

  Kiten told the Sun Daily: “Stoke City coach Tony Brissic clearly despised Arsenal’s coach Wenger, he hated the style of the French head, and Wenge also hated Stoke City style.”

  ”From the football level, Bris and Wenge are opposite two sides. They often dig each other in the media, the whole week, I have never seen there is a coach to win a game, the result Things have english news english newsbecome a bit out of control. “

  ”At the beginning of the dressing room, an angry emotions have come to the game. All Stoke City players are full of aggressive. I still remember the content of the pre-training trip. But things are fire, Bris is Defeat Wenger and prove that his style’s strong desire goes through that line. “

  ”He just wanted to win, honestly, some of our shovel a shocking, of course, including my own action.”

  Kiterson acknowledges that Ramsee is a turning point of his career. After seeing such a tragic thing, he doesn’t want to make such an aggressive team.

  ”It’s really horrible. I clearly remember that Wenge turned around and didn’t dare to look at my own players.” Kiten said. “After the Wenger turned, I was touched with his first eye, although people who shovet Ramsea legs were not me, but I am also a part of the team, I am in the troops, I am really I don’t know where to see, I feel very ashamed and embarrassed. “

  ”Before this happened, I am a very hard player, but I’m looking at me in Wenger, I lost something in my heart. I realized that life is far more than this, this is not me The reasons of players, I really don’t want to have anything to do with this matter. “

  ”At that moment, I have already wanted to go, I don’t want to be a part of this matter. Later, I continued to stay in the team for a while, but I am completely gone, I would rather not player, I don’t want to Do this. “

  ”In Stoke City, either obey Bris, eggs, if you can’t do it, you can’t play, you can’t train with a line.”

  Although I disagree with Bridge Tactics, Kiten admitted that the performance of Wales’s head is praised, and it is said that she can handle this thing.

  ”I think about this now, I can talk to Pulis after the game, and say that I am not happy with him, but I don’t do this.” Kiten said. “If you look at Pulis’s resume, he is actually successful, he helps Stoke City successfully, no one can deny his credit.”

  ”He knows how to win the football game, he can always find the way to win, this is a good trainer, just I don’t want to kick this style carent news of football.”

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