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American team coach: understand Tu Her’s worry, according to common sense, you will not let Plysch

Live Bar November 12, in an interview, Cheap Soccer Jersey the American team coach Belhart said that he would not overcome Plysic in this Lionel messi Jersey international contest.

The Puli Westeri has been injured in this season. He ushered in the recurrence in the recent period, and the Cherry coach Tu Her said, said that he hopes that the US team head coach should not excessive Plysic, Bell in this international game. Hart responded to this.

Belhart said: “I heard the voice of Tu Her is a bit strange, because I will Chelsea Jersey not use him in accordance with common sense, Pli West is trained for 3 days before the Championship of Malmmer last week, maybe on weekend It was also trained for 1 day before Burgen. So he only trained for 4 days, and the common sense told us that when a player wounded so long and only trained 4 days, you won’t let him start. “

“I understand Tu Her’s worry, our idea Soccer Jersey Discount is that Pli West is full of 180 minutes in this international game day, he will not start Mbappé Jersey with Mexico, we hope he can get the game time. We will make him play, He can have an impact on the game and help us get the results we want. “