बिना श्रेणी

Another superstar is rising

Mourinho: Xiao Ji’an!


Mourinho: hindi news paper today aaj tak Who is the strongest player in Ghana?

Ji’an: Must be Essin!

Mourinho: Does Essin are me?

Ji’an: Know, call you!

Mourinho: You can also call me like this.

Ji’an: Hey!

| Felix Afena-Gyan |
Ji’an (18 years old), from Ghana, look like Mourini’s dish, typical black and hard. In January 2021, Ji’an joined the Roman U19 youth team in January, and in a total of 22 games in half a season, a total of 1378 minutes, average 62.64 minutes, and the 9 goals and 3 assists. The last season was bought m times of india live tv by Rome, officially became a member of the Rome team. He is a brave performance in the youth team. Five games entered 6 balls. The shooter is the first! After the first-line trending news headlines Team Osu Co-link, I was enrolled in a team, and I participated in the game against Naples, but I didn’t play. This game is his first debut. His overall performance is active are samachar but tender. Second, but there are 6 lost balls. I dare to do action, or in the case of the team, it is amazing. Look at the picture