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Asian football and European football gap! Asian champion 3 losing streak to swallow 11 goals, 9 games for 2 games

The Chinese team first sent 3 reputation players in the fifth round in the world, and formed a “strongest array” against Oman. The scene can be described as vigorous, and the last 1 ratio of scores make countless fans. The latest informationChinese team cannot win the 5th team of Oman. It can be seen that Chinese football level has fallen to what extent, and it is more difficult to imagine in the world.The last Asian Cup champion Qatar is definitely strong in the Chinese team, but they face the European Jinji, recently encountered 3 losers to swallow 11 goals, European trips only win 2 games, Asian football is far behind Europe football.

Since Qatar is a 2022 World Cup, it is automatically got a race number, so they don’t have to participate in the world. In order to warm up, improve the level, they have been in the past, not only google latest news please participate in the North American Gold Cup in North America, but also European participating in the competition in European A group of competitions (no points), for the outside world, Qatar as the highest level of Asian football, and the contest with the European team, also commented on Asian football and European football horizontal distance.

what’s the result? At the early morning of November 12, Beijing, the whole mainly attacking Qatar lost to the reserved Serbia, in the nearly three games, suffering from 3 major scores, 0 more portuguese, 0 to 4 Ireland and 0 ratio of Seribia. In the past 9-round group competition, india news news channel the 46th of FIFA only won 2 games, and the two opponents were the 94 Luxembourg and FIFA ranked 119 Azerbaijan, 1 to 0 and 2, respectively. Bighter 1. That is, as the highest level of Asian football, Qatar can only win European 3rd and even 4-line teams, and facing the Portuguese of Europe, 2 lines of Serbia, Ireland, they have no chance, unimaginable if What is the performance of the Chinese team in this group.

In the last Asian Cup, although the Chinese team successfully broke through the group, the first round of the knockout was defeated to the Thailand, but it was brought to Iran by 0 to 3, and the scene was extremely ugly. Stable, in the murder of the opponent, even pass the ball is not too good, let alone what tactical play is implemented. In contrast, Qatar ushered in the rise in the Asian Cup. They not only returned a number of strength foreign aid, but many years of young training also received an effect emerged.Qatar has achieved all the victories in the 6 games of the Asian Cup Group and the knockout, and the feet will include strong Saudi, South Korea, and 6 games, and 1 goal is not lost, and finally encounter East Asia Qiqi Japan team in the final. Qatar in the finals still occupied the scene, and finally won the Japanese team at 3 to 1.

In Asia, Japan, South Korea and Saudi These Asian first-class teams have difficult to defeat Qatar. If Qatar is not the host of the World Cup, they participate in this Asian District 12, will definitely let other Asian teams are quite a headache. But that is, such an Asian top team, but the existence of “fish” in Europe, this is not to let many people think. If Asian football continues to be self-sealing, there are not many contexts with the outside team, do not absorb the concepts and management methods of the world’s advanced football, asian football may continue behind.

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In Qatar and Serbia’s game, Qatar fully attacked, and Serbia took place to reserve the first battle of the final round of Portugal. The two teams quickly started to attack, and Qatar can come with the opponent, but the excessive front movement of their firing, let Serbia discovers the opportunity, 45th minute, Qatar defensive leak, Serbia Luiqi plugged in a single knife, 1-0.

In the second half, Serbia met more main force, the advantage showed that the 51st minute, the 53rd minute india news online and the replenishment stage, Serbia was connected to 3 balls, and Qatar did not enter, and finally Serbia 4-0 victory opponent, Give the Asian championship. Next, Qatar will also pair Azerbaijan in the last round. Is this the weakest opponent in this group? Can Qatar defend their honor to the Asian football again? Let us wait and see!

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