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Chinese football really returned to 20 years ago? Why didn’t you have achieved a result?

# 里 皮 的 中国 足球: It seems to be returned to 20 years ago # Chinese football is really returned to 20 years ago? Why is there any achievements early?

It seems that Chinese football is still paying attention to international. Hiring some foreign coaches to guide what they can have internationally affected. Of course, our football money has fallen a lot, and Kits Football Kits the effect is not obvious. Working, it is still 20 years ago. In fact, no more than 20 years ago, 50 years ago, China’s football level is not bad. He Long Yuan Shuai grabbed the sports. Our Chinese football team also played a few great winning, in Asia, the existence of 1 number 2, the current football team didn’t even have the moment, thinking is also to hurt the god.

On the one hand, wage treatment benefits are to look at the highest level of the world. On the other hand, football level, competitiveness, and competition scores to the last fall. Where is the root of the problem?

According to reports, Liki recalled his time to coach in China. He talked about the changes in the past few years and now China’s football. “Now it seems to be returned to 20 years ago, everything is shrunk, Football Shirts Wholesale including annual salary, no Will have a great Brazilian player is willing. “

This means that foreigners come to help China to play football just for money, and if we have not dedicated a spirit of players to participate, light is not a world champion. You can see a spot from Evergrande Football. # 新 新 新 # 日 自 体 体 上 上 上 日 日 日 日 上 上 划 划 要 上 划 上 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划 划

This is a group of shots of the Chinese football league. It looks like acting hangover. Gring the gymnastics martial arts into football. The picture is very good. It is the shortage of it.

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