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Door Xing 1-1 War Pingmeiz, half-losing two will be restricted, Somer saves the pony

In the 11th round of the Dejia League in the early morning of November 6, the door Xinggra debach was flattened to the Venditz. Novohaus opened a record in the first half, and the goal of Widemer’s goal was score for Mei Zez.

Deckt A: 1-1, Xingladebach

After the start of the competition, in the 6th minute, the first side of the front of Menxing won the opportunity, Huffman put the ball to the penalty area, and the Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey Jintel header tawally put the ball top. In the 9th minute, Allen Mart did after the passage of Li Zhongcheng, Berkart was in the interference of Menxing, and the header was showped out of the right column. In the 25th, Mei Zitz got the right corner chance, Berkart picked up the ball to attack the ball. Benbini is built outside the penalty area, and the Meizun will take the ball to Zetena, and Novohaus retrans into the score, the road to the scene, Xingladbach, the first battle, the debut.

Leading Wenxing still has the opportunity to expand scores, but Jintte is on the top of the tactical corner. Mascu – Tmram counterattacks the ball into the restricted zone to shoot the ball. Xinggradebach took 1 goal leader to Cheap Soccer Jersey the second half of the competition.


The competition entered the second half, the door of Xingladebach door is in the middle of the year. South Korean players Li took the dead end of the city to the ball, and the ball was thrown out of the bottom line by the door. In the subsequent corner, the Slot hook of the Oneseo remote column will be high. In the 60th minute, Medinitz was on the corner kick offense, and the head of Huck was tall. In the 61st minute, Berkat was shot from the cross-area. In the 63rd minute, the Menxing was defended to the position of the ball, and the future was blocked by the United States. In the penalty area, Li was thrown out of the shot in the city. In the 64th minute, Berkat Mbappé Jersey received the passage of O’Nesso, the distal corner of the left area, and the door was thrown out of the bottom line. However, when the game was conducted at the 75th minute, Stall took the ball in the right path, the ball was blocked by the department, fell to the foot of Widemer, unmanned Widemer smashed Soccer Jersey Discount the ball door , The ball played on the ball door and placed in the goal, and the usage is divided into 1-1. Since then, both parties have no construction trees, and the scores of 1-1 have been kept until the end of the end, and the two teams have a manual speech.

This order is a very lucky result for Xing Ge Debach. The whole game, the goalkeeper Somers once again showed the gods, and the whole game completed 7 sets of saving, especially in the second half, So Same fell out of the ball in the city and Berkart 3 times, otherwise, Menx Xingladbach is very It is easy to defeat Meiziz.

In addition, in the face of the rich Weinz, Xing Zaidbach in the first half was injured in the first half because of Elvidi Chelsea Jersey and Enbolo, took the lead in using two replacement places. In the second half, the door in the passive is only guilty of gambling. It seems that all the hopes are pressed on the door. The second half of the game was conducted in the 79th minute, and Menxing did a change in people, holding a single.