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Football players go to sleep!

The date is the mid-1990s, where Manchester, the protagonist is Alex Ferguson, and the event is the suspicious activity of his player in training facilities. Each of them is sitting into their own luxury cars and rushing to the place where they do not belong to him.

Life is a mattress

Nick Rit Hills is a marketing expert of retired professional golfers and sleep solutions. This is the unique reason for describing the mattress salesperson. The only reason for using this description is that this man determines his life in the mid-1990s. Make important changes.

Like any dedicated person, Rit Hills has been talking about the importance of sleep to everyone. After that, he decided to turn the target to the athlete, in his city, there is nothing more convenient than the local club to market to them, but accidentally, this furniture department is called Manchester United.

Of course, everyone didn’t pay attention to him at first, sleep coach? This is nonsense! Do you need to train? What will this coach tell me? Turn from one position to another, pull the curtains, set the alarm to become a job that makes people get remuneration? Barcelona already has Caman, why do we need a sleep coach?

The reason for this initial mistake is that the appearance of Rit Hills did not stimulate people’s confidence. A very handsome young man, is once a marketing expert and mattress vendor, which makes you face two explanations; either he is a professional liar, trying to use a worthwhile product to attract rich people’s circles, or he Is a handsome young man, is a mattress marketing expert and salesman, what is the truth? Things are just a possibility.

In fact, this is indeed a job of Hills, but he needs a clear evidence to prove the benefits of he do, and the Manchesterian defender Gary Paliste has brought opportunities. He suffered from routine The chronic back injury that is unable to deal with, is the reasons for Lit Hills.

Palist’s sleeping method and posture destroyed the cell regeneration and taking his back muscles, which is the main reason for traditional treatment failure.

As time goes by, Palist’s condition begins to improve. Rit Hills’ method can’t heal his injuries under any circumstances, but it will help him restore health easier, because his sleep mode will offset his effect on the clinical treatment of his club, it is nothing. The same happened.

This event caused a huge sensation at the British football community at the time. After a while, the media began to pay attention to this weird man driving to and from Manchester United Calington training base. After that, the Arsenal coach Wen Gig was mysteriously smiled and said: “Now the club begins to pay attention to the factors. Some players began to study yoga and Pilates.” Wenger is suffering from its training method and the player’s diet, including laughter, including Mock from Alex Ferguson.

Under pressure

In “Soccer Injury Prevention & Treatment), more than 600 US national football leagues, medical coordinators, New York Red Bull, pre-chief assistant coach John Garuch, said that there is not enough sleep Or disorder has three major risks, especially football players.

The first is the slow response. It can be said that sleep experts have been studying the impact of sleep deprivation and sleep mode disorders for years. The conclusion concluded that if the athlete gets sufficient, stable and calm night sleep time, their reaction time will decrease by 300% (reduced triple).

This figure is of course terrible and is also a fractic number. Because the reaction in football is usually only one-third of the second, in such a narrow time range, the difference is too small without marketing value, even if they are important. Therefore, the researchers turn to the percentage rather than actual numbers, because the reaction time is shortened from 60 milliseconds to 20 milliseconds, and does not impress the reader. In addition, the study often insists on two extremes, for example, completely deprived of sleeping sleep and gets a night sleep. This is better than saying the shoes before going out of the rain, 500% prevent you from being wet.

In fact, if we don’t know if Garuki and Rit Hills have no relationship, we will say that he mentioned him in such a valid marketing method. It is important that the problem here is not to wear shoes before the rain, but the whole world’s coach and players don’t believe it can actually protect you from being wet.

This is the intuitional danger of usually no one; therefore, most players think that 6 hours of sleep and 5 hours or 7 hours will not have too much difference, one day, one day does not sleep, will not have huge differences. Some people even think that this is the evidence of his persistence and patience, and sometimes he is a reason why he is proud.

The fact is that sleep deprivation or its interference can cause the body to secrete more cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for nerve and psychological pressure, and there will be more secretion of cortexol to affect the effectiveness and accuracy of decision-making, whether it is in the body or spiritual Or a combination of both. This is the second danger of football players with sleep disorders. The difference in sleep is law and quality of quality may be reflected in the shooting of a drill or watching it into the goal. It completed the ball or drol in the penalty area and leads to danger. The rebound, causing the ball correctly or wrongly brought the ball to the offensive party. In short; like the Barcelona competition leader in Camman.

In these cases, 20 milliseconds are really important, no need to exaggerate statistics or taking tricks. In fact, you will be shocked when you are in a glue state, you will be shocked.

The increase in cortexol also has a negative impact on the speed of cell renewal, muscle strain, and tear recovery. In addition, sleep disorders prevent the body from being stored in a sufficient ratio in the muscles, thereby affecting the energy available when the high intensity consumption is increased, and all of this increases the risk of injury and reduces Manchester United Jersey the current injured recovery rate. This is the third sleep barrier risk of football players.

go to sleep

There is no better recovery method than sleeping.

–LeBron James

Of course, you know what you are thinking now; all the above content is a very important way to say sleep, similar to the “Sleep Solution Marketing Expert”, we hope that you can understand any report. Even the statement of LeBron James sounds a bit stupid, just like the Press release after the game of Galps Bell.

We have only one choice; telling you how the football players proposed by Ritshire get 8 skills of the best sleep, if these techniques are valid for football players, then they may be effective for you.

Note: Of course, we hope to Liverpool Jersey name the report “10 important sleep recommendations”, making it more exciting and more market value, but Lit Hills let us down.

Good sleep is not measured in hours, but measures the cycle, and the duration of each cycle is 90 minutes. Of course, the explanation of this has nothing to do with Caman’s Barcelona, ??but in fact, this is a seamless transition between our deep sleep state and the fast movement of the eye and less immersive sleep state.

Therefore, football players are important to adjust sleep in 90 minutes, and make sure he won’t wake around during the end of the cycle.

In “Sleep” book, Rit Hills recommends that football players make a whole week’s sleep plan, which means they need 35 sleep cycles per week (90 minutes, a complete Barcelonkman game).

Lionel messi Jersey

The day and night rhythm is a group of mental, psychological and physical behavior patterns for 24 hours. Lit Hill said that people are in the world’s day and night, bright and dark activities are strongly influenced by this cycle.

There is no new thing here, except Little Hills, before the inventions of the lamp, the human beings did not sleep like now, but as many as the child sleep, sleeping more than once every day, each time sleeping time.

With C Luo as an example, he arranged sleep in 5 small sleeps during the day, and I slept for an hour and a half. Most of the European top clubs are equipped with Sleeping Pods that is specially sleepless, and the player is sleeping before the game, or take a break immediately after hard training to ensure that they get the maximum amount of sleep, restore physical fitness.

Note: We intend to name the report “10 skills like C Ro,” but we think you don’t need a bait to read our report.

Of course, we are joking, we will place bait in the next report.

Every time I spent half an hour (one-third of the sleep cycle) take a break. Even if you are not asleep, this rest also helps improve your sleep cycle, as long as you relax enough. Sleep experts say they are Controlled Recovery Periods (CRPS).

If you tell you that “your sleep is wrong” is surprised, please prepare to let the same person tell you “your getting method is also wrong.”

There is a particular routine when getting up, especially within 90 minutes after you wake up. This routine should include the following; delay using smart devices and internet, empty intestines, drinking water or liquid, eating a nutritious breakfast, and finally do some relaxing exercise.

Note: If you get up this time, you will add the following to the routine after the end of the Barcelona player of Cumman; aiming-free screaming, a psychiatrist, pillows and mattresses, especially Lit Hills Sell ??to your pillows and mattresses.

What would you do if you live in a dark room in light? Lit Hill recommends that you buy a lamp group to simulate sunrise and sunset, because the sunrise and sunset will adjust your biological clock and hormones in your body. For example, the sunrise lamp reduces the secretion of melatonin (relax hormone) and stimulates the secretion of blood amazines (happiness and vitality.

This is the easiest skill, but it is also the most subtle; Lit Hills recommends that football players buy the largest mattresses allowed in the room. What he said is that the largest mattress is strong enough to use two adults, saving space using smaller size mattress directly affects your sleep quality.

At this point, we agree with Little Hills, there is no additional consideration.

Sleeping with the fetal posture (the arms and knees are placed on the chest), lying on the strong arm, opposite the mattress, the most important thing is, always try to breathe through the nose, because the mouth is lowered to reduce the stability of sleep and the stability of sleep quality.

Of course, if all of the above content can be convinced, remember the following; we are now the third ten years of the new thousand years, and the things starting from the beginning of the article have passed a quarter of the century, the protagonist is still Lit. Hills, he is now working with a group of people in the world’s best football players, Royal Madrid and Chelsea, and work together in England national teams and many Olympic players.