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He Yanshan City Re-subscribes to Sports Single Training Class: More than 200 referees conduct a special "charging" for air volleyball

After the football project, He Yanshan City re-established training courses to strengthen the cultivation and construction of the city’s referee team. Recently, the Hesishan Education Sports Bureau has held 2021 Heshan Airborne referee training class, 2021 Heshan air volleyball referee knowledge lectures, with gas rolling ball projects to raise the national fitness m the hindu tamil service capacity level construction.

Gas bar referee knowledge lecture

Previously, local news topics He Yanshan City Education Sports Bureau has successively held a soccer referee knowledge lecture, football referee and social sports instructors training class, inviting experts to provide more than 200 referees from various primary and secondary schools in the city, and community instructor Special “charging” opportunities, national fitness service levels and football youth training capabilities have improved.

The gas bar movement is a full-length fitness project with a deep mass base, enhances the level of referee in the region and the level of social sports guidance service, and has a pivotal role in the promotion of the health and deep integration of national fitness and national health.

The city’s air volleyball referee training class, aaj ke news paper the knowledge of gas roster referee has attracted more than 100 people from the city to participate in the study, and listened carefully to members of the Guangxi air volleyball competition rules, and the three session. The exciting training and skills sharing brings from Liu Chunguang brought by the referee.

Liu Chunguang

It is reported that the main contents of this training include basic rules, basic technologies, gas rositors, referee duties, referee gestures, referees, and advanced knowledge of venue, equipment. Liu Chunguang is the main line of the multi-year referee.

The students also listened very seriously. Through this training, the competition organized by Gaoshang City Gas Rolvering Movement has been improved. He Yishan Municipal dd kisan channel live Education Sports Bureau said that the functional role will be fully placed in the indian new samachar future, select a number of sports projects with deep masses, to carry out training work in the way experts in the district, strengthen the referee, social guidelines The construction of the team will further enhance the national fitness service level and provide scientific fitness guidance services for the people.

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