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History Historical Big Superstar 58th Gallasbeier

Galps Bell’s full name, Galles Frank, born on July 16, 1989, was born in Wales Cadiv, Wales Football Player, and Bell showed a good football talent.

Years of Shar show superstar potential

When Bell was nine years old, he used to play a 5-person football championship on behalf of the Cardiff Civil Service Football Club. The Bell’s left foot technology in the high school is quite powerful. His physical education teachers have to book special game rules for Bell, including not to play with left foot, and can not pass on the ball.


In the 2005-2006 season, in the British League of April 17, 2006, Galears Bell played the first time, the second young player of the 16-year-old and 275 days, on behalf of the Southampton team, against the Milwall. On August 6, 2006, Bell entered a free kick in the game against Dibi County, which is his first goal in the British League. But as Nanafuton fails to increase in Premier League, plus Bell’s excellent performance, the club is hard to retain Bell.

The strength of the tale showing makes life

In the 2007-2008 season, Galears Bell franchise-ultrasound Tottenm Hot thorns, and the thermal thorn defeated Manchester United with a number of clubs such as Manchester United with 5 million pounds, and put Bell’s left back to the new star income account. Bell scored three goals in 12 games in the first season. After Bell and the piercue completed a four-year new contract, but the superstar also had Alexander. Bell’s first season after the renewal, Bell continued 24 times in the game, and the piles were unable to win. Therefore, the fans called “inverted” (“Bale” also does not walk in English proverbs, the disaster meanings). On September 26, 2009, in the Premier League of Burunley, Tottenham 5-0, Bell was put on the top 85th, and the trend of the personal league was not won. After that, Bell’s performance is getting better and better, and the award of the best players in the Premier League Year in the 2012-2013 season.

Premier League Best Player

An important member of Huangma brilliant

2013-2014 season, September 1, 2013, the Royal Madrid Club officially announced the official joining of Gretans Bell. Real Madrid and Bell signed a six-year contract, the contract arrived until the summer of 2019. Thermal spurs also published an announcement to announce Bell to the team. Bell’s transfer fee reached 100 million euros that were recorded at the time, and his performance was quite perfect in Bell’s first season. Bell helped Real Madrid into two decisive scorpion, namely the King Cup Real Madrid’s competition in Barcelona, ??the superbuckt, Bachra, killing a ball, and in the Champions League Final Real Madrid, Madrid’s competition. Improving the anti-Charomal score to help Real Madrid won the two championship trophies. The season Bel is played in the La Lala League, and 15 get the ball and 12 assists.


Bell is still very perfect before the Real Ma C Luo, and the Champions League finals in 2014 he won the Champions League championship for Real Madrid, and set up the sweat work. Let’s talk about why Bell can select a hundred http www com google search superstars in history, and even his historical position is higher than Robert Bacchi?

Wales History Best Player and Best Shooter

Bell’s Butterfly Effect:

Is it because of money? In fact, of course, money is a face problem for C Ronali. C Luo is a football player in history and Mike’s only contract for lifelong contract, and C Luo does not want to have too much salary with Messi. But where does Florentino does not leave C Ro? It is Bell, and when Florentino saw the excellent performance on Bell in the 2018 Champions League final, Bell can pick C Rostel. Debate that Bell is the absolute strength of the 14 Real Madrid champion, and the peak Barcelona also left its own classic work. For Real Madrid’s Champions League, I have a sweat work. If Florentino listened to the suggestion of Zidane, Bell can sell more than 100 million news webcast euros. Real Madrid Champions League four consecutive championships or big, C Luo is a 18 Golden Award. 19 Champion of the Champions League is not eliminated by Jiafu, and the Champions League four consecutive championships are almost the top of the board. C Luo goes to Real Madrid and C Roques is definitely double loss.

Is it a system player?

Here is a question outside, and C Ronalvine is in Juventus. To prove yourself, many people say Messi is the system player. What should you tell me what is the system player? Take Messi said that Messi has a fish in the peak Barcelona, ??and his side has Iniesta. Harvey complements him, Messi’s performance is too bright. Although Messi of the Argentine National Team is the best shot in Argentina, all the honors have won all the honors in addition to the World Cup in Argentina. But his national today’s news headlines latest team performance is indeed true with Barcelona, ??but it is even more likely to be in the current big Paris. So many people say Messi is the system player, then C Luo has a defense for him in Real Madrid, and he can maximize the power of the frontfree. In Juventus, the Manchester United team has C Luo as a framework building, and C Ro is still strong. But he changed the original style of the team, and the team did not change because of the arrival of C. That is to say, the performance of other teams in Mero has a significant gap with its strongest contrast. C Ro is also a system player. C Ro has been in Real Madrid now at least seven Golden Globe Awards, this year is also very likely to get the eighth golden ball, and Bell is like the butterfly, he caught the butterfly effect, changed this direction. And this shows the strength news headlines of Bell, and C Luo is behind Bell is the first high salary of Real Madrid.

Wales’s best history

In the 442 Historical History, there are two players on the list, ranked 76 John Thals, and 80 Giggs, and Bell is the best shooters in Wales History. Wales a country, more than 20,000 square kilometers, a population of more than 5 million. The land area is even less urban area in my country, and Bell lead Wales has created the best results of the national team history. The 16 European Cup is four, the quarter of the finals of the Welsh finalized the world’s first Belgium. The club level in 2007 Champions League is definitely the highest level of the historical competition today. The five European Champions League of Ianlas can’t be compared with Bell.

Compared with historical superstars

Bell’s achievements and 442 selected a hundred big superstar’s Battistita, Bacon is not inferior, the Champions League, or the national team’s performance has nothing, he has the best player award in Premier League. It is a historic history of Giggs. He is the highest player of the Real Madrid of the Hu Luo, and he broke the record of Royal Royal Madrid.


Bell Retriever later performance was really bad, he did not reach the height of C Luo. But this should not be the reason for Real Madrid to him, and some Real Madrid is more famous and even compared him and Azar. This is a great insult to Bell, and even Bell is going to leave Real Truna, and finally did not let him play, decent. Bell’s last few years of injury, he earned the last 34 million euros of Real Madrid.