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How hard is the bottom? One data proves that he is still the best world, and it is too obvious with Messi.

In the 4th round of Champions League, Manchester United criticized Atlanta. C Luo staged a second degree in this service and saved the team. Especially in the second royal bulletin epaper half of the hierarchy stage, it will help Mann get 1 point at the away, and the promotion group is the first. If you leave 4 games before the Champions League game, Manchester United now can only accumulate 2 points, and the ranking group is on the bottom. C Luo determines Manchester United in the Champions League.

After the self-contained C-Luo returned to Manchester United, he had played 11 times for Manchester United, enjoys 9 into the ball. This efficiency is an absolutely absolutely excellent and efficient representative of any striker with the world. Moreover, the 9 grades of the 9 grades of C Ro have changed the winning relationship between the game, and there is no goal. This also once again proves the extraordinary value of C Ro.

When C Luo returned to the Red Devil’s head to face Newcastle, I scored the first goal today’s top 5 news headlines of breaking the deadlock and the second grain exceeding the score. Later, in the Champions League, the Bern’s young man was once again become a bottle. The League faces Western Ham, and C Luo is in Manchester United to take the score of the score. The Chaouladia is in Terromare, and C Luo is staged to kill goals. The Champions League and Atlanta finally, C Luo picked up the 3-2 anti-ultra-score score. The return of the league faced the thermal thorn, and C Luo once again first draw. This service once again on the array of Atlanta, and scored two grades.

This is C Luo, once a second-use goal proves that he is still the best world, proves that you can decide the existence of the game, no matter where you are. This summer, C Luo suddenly decided to return to Manchester United at the beginning of the season, when many people did not optimize his return trip, after latest news channel all, he was 37 years old, and the rhythm and confrontation of the Premier League may make him uncomfortable. Can C-Luo has proved everything, proves that even if he has reached the age of retire, he is still the character of the pyramid. He does not need to adapt to any system, his own system.

Also reversed this summer, the Messi of Paris, except that there is a flash in the Champions League game, most of the time is struggling, plus injuries, Messi’s state can be described as sharply decline, and the brave manifestation of C Luo Obvious contrast. Messi who left Barcelona also needs to adjust himself, and C Luo has become the Savior of Manchester United.