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Huangpu Wenchong 2021 Workman Football Competition ended successfully

On November 1st, the Half-month Whampo Wutong 2021 workers’ football match was successfully supported by the company’s leadership, and finally ended in the company’s various units of the company live total news and all participating efforts.

It is reported that since October 18, this year, the company has taken approximately 130 football enthusiasts to participate in the competition. On the court, the contestants fully carry forward the spiritual spirit of hard work, while sweating, the game, horizontal, and friendship.

In the sachin patel ringtone champion competition, a team of shipbuilding a team and the functional department chain staged a wonderful attack and defensive battle, and the two sides were scored in the 2: 2 score in 60 minutes. today news hindi me In the last 10 minutes of overtime, a team of shipbuilding, a team, who finally won the championship with 5: 3 results, and the functional department chain won the runner-up.

The football competition, the shipbuilding industry has won the third place in the competition, and the shipbuilding industry has won the fourth place read news online in the competition. Chen Fei, deputy secretary of the company, Chen Fei of the Trade Union, Minister of the Party Group, the vice chairman of the trade union attended the closed ceremony, and presented awards for the awards.

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Editor: Lan Yanxia