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If the global football first superstar appears in China, does it mean that Chinese football has risen?

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Ping, the Chinese football lacks the foundation of cultivating superstars, so don’t expect any world’s first giant star, even if the player has such excellent talents, it will be killed in the cradle by the surrounding environment, and hurt Zhong Yong’s repeated Staged.

In 2005, the Hall of the Dutch, the golden generation of Chinese football, which made a vitality and confidence showed in the game, so that many fans were still awkward.. On this World Vast, the Chinese Youth Team Group has three battles, if it does not encounter a German team in the knockout, maybe they will go further.

The national Youth team accepted the guidance of Germany’s famous young training coach Craw, and their technical warpological levels have improved very quickly. Clair believes that players have a lot of improvement space, some players reach the player in the European League. s level. After the World Youth Day, there are indeed some players to receive the invitation of the European club.

Chen Tao, a large lottery in Shiqing, was taken by the Belgian Ontre, and the Shenyang Jinde team opened a high price, completely crushed Chen Tao’s foreign dream, and he was still not worth it. Chen Tao strongly strived, but it was a three-stop penalty of the club. His competitive level did not reach the height of the world.

After the anti-anti-Feng Feng Han, with a stable performance of the World East, I tripped the German Thalk 04, and their psychological expectations were 1 million euros, but Dalian Survey team opened a high price of 2 times, so that Germans are expected . Although Feng Wei passed the control of Dalian Stri by joining the Korean team, it is far from the European football distance.

In fact, this national Youth team has a few players who have leaving the Ocean. There are only a few people such as Hao Jun, Dong Fang Zhuo, Zhou Haibin, most players mixed in the domestic league, and many players will even retire early, and they are all.

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Review the growth history of this batch of players, they have experienced the malicious crush of the club, the South Yong’s corrupt case, the fake ball is rampant, the impact of Jinyuan football … The football talent has already been killed by the surrounding environment, seeing the world Other countries in the game fell to the sky.

In 2005, this batch of players in the Dutch Hall of the Dutch, may be a batch of players in the history of Chinese football history. As such a player, we have not cultivated, give them a good growth environment, and talk about the world-class stars.