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In 2025, the national social football venue will be fully open! The Lantern Festival will come! Buying tickets to enter the park is also brought! Xinmin Morning Post "2021.2.23"


Yesterday, Shanghai Xujiahui rushed to 26.2 ° C, set the highest in the same period in the late February, ness google and became the second high of the historical history since the weather record, only 28.5 ° C on February 27, 1921.

With the arrival of cold air, Shencheng entered the spring of the spring once again “blocked”, warmly “fake spring” also quietly returned. Today’s weather theme is “cooling + air cooled”, still in the daytime, but the lowest temperature is expected to fall to 8 ° C, return to a bit number, and the highest temperature is expected to be “waist”, only 12 ° C about.

Around 25 ~ 26 and March 1, there will be a cold air to visit, and the temperature in the next week will drop polish, the highest temperature is between 10 ~ 16 ° C, the lowest temperature is expected to be between 7 ~ 12 ° C. Winter rain will also return to the weather stage. In the next few times, the rainy weather has increased, and the weather in the news summary rain will last around 24 at night.


■ On the 22nd, Xi Jinping emphasized that he would like to see the probe of the moonlight, the moon, and visited the moon sample and the exploration project. Great contribution.

■ The State Council recently issued the “Opinions on the Revitalization of Revolutionary Old Areas in the New Times”.

■ The State Sports General Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the “Guidance Opinions on Strengthening Social Football Site on the Openness and Operation Management”, pointing to 2025, social football venues will be fully open, preliminary formation system is complete, clear, main Multiple, use high-efficiency social football venue for long-term operation management mechanism.


■ Yesterday, Shanghai primary and secondary schools ushered in the best news app for iphone beginning of the Year of the Ox, and the first class of the first school in each primary and secondary schools brought the color of the school, guarding the boxing of Chinese heart. Learning waiting, good at the white, respect personality, starting the first day, this “cattle” principal is pleased.

■ Yesterday, about 350,000 students in Pudong New Area watched “The Lesson of Pudong University”.

■ Yuyuan Mall will enter the park during the minute period from February 25th to March 1st, 2021 (the first month of the first month of the first month of the first month), and the grading warning and restricted limit is implemented based on the passenger flow data.

■ The Lantern Festival is approaching. Recently, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau has supervised the 56-batch Tangyuan and Yuanxiao of the production and operation of the city, and the results have been qualified.

■ Yuanxiao is approaching, Shencheng’s soup group is crowded, and in the Ningbo Tang Group in Yuyuan. The green corridor, Songhe Tower and other food, the old brand business is hot, and the average queue is about half an hour.

■ Yesterday is the first day after the start of the Spring Festival, because the construction of the rapid reconstruction project of Wuning Road temporarily adjusts the road of Wunning Road and surrounding roads in Zhongshan North Road, ushered in the first real estate, intersection. The traffic order is busy and unrest.

■ On the 22nd, the general designer of Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower Reconstruction Engineering is readily in Shanghai because of the death of death.

■ Recently, more than 70 early morning cords in Shanghai Jing’an Sculpture Park entered a stage. The light pink big cold cherry has formed a beautiful cherry blossom road, which attracts the bees to pick honey, and many people visitors come to take pictures.

■ Recently, a man with mother, wife and child to play to Disneyland. Family played in the paradise, but he was arbitrarily in Disney town, captured on the spot, and the value of theft was 859 yuan.


■ On the 22nd, the moon brought back from the No. 5 will be unveiled.

■ China Manned Space Engineering Office News, the Long March, the Chinese Space Station Day and the core cabin launch task, the second carrier rocket arrived in Wenchang Space Transport Field on the 22nd.

■ China’s oil is announced on the 22nd, and the 13-2-2 wells in Bohai Oilfield, there are about 346 meters thick oil layers, and my country has received billion-ton large oil and gas discovery in the Bohai Sea.

■ The China Civil Aviation Authority said on the 22nd that the US Airlines Boeing 777-200 passenger aircraft have fired incident. The China Civil google news entertainment Aviation Fleet has no model, and has not been equipped with the transportation aircraft of the same model engine.

■ On the 22nd, Hebei Shijiazhuang Yucheng District released notice: Before March 7, in principle Shangcheng people in the area activities of Yucheng, the original traffic control card point remains unchanged, enter the direction of the city, allowing the vehicle personnel to enter.

■ Tibet Taubu public security notified, after investigation, “Tibet Adventure Wang Wang’s disappears”, Wang Xiangjun is lost and lost, regardless of murder.

■ Hebei Qinhuangdao men Tang Moumou destroys the guards of the hero of the country, and is destined to be destined for 15 days.

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