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Karaceco: Chinese players lack love for football, and more temper is much more

In order to prepare for the 12th, let the players maintain a good competitive state, in a warm-up match ended yesterday, the national football 2-1 defeated the Zhejiang team. In another earlier competition, the national football team with the goal of Luo Guofu, Zhang Yunning and Alan, 3-0 overcomes.

Previously, the national football team was closed in West Asia, the game was 49 days, and after returning to China, I received 14 + 7 isolation, and the team will come again in the early morning of November 7. Therefore, the day before yesterday and the Shenzhen team and the Zhejiang team have become the only two teaching competitions before the national football team. From the results of the warm-up match, the psychological status of the player has been greatly alleviated.

In fact, whether the Zhejiang team is still a Shenzhen team, their overall strength is limited, even if it is exhausted, it is not a small gap with the national football, so the result of the game has no reference value; and China’s competitors in the top 12 competitors are all The strength is not good, even if the Vietnam in the Chelsea Jersey bottom of the ranking, whether it is the team’s offensive and defense, it can give a huge pressure in the Chinese men’s football team. Otherwise, we will not play 0 goals or even 0 ampunfare data in the face of Australia, Japan.

At present, the Chinese men’s football team only achieved 1 win and 3 losses in the first 4 games, in this day’s strength and state, they were eliminated just time problems; but unfortunately, we spent tenant to reach Axson. Foreign players such as Alan, Luo Guofu have also suspended the Super League of this season. These efforts seem to be drifted. Why do you have such a situation? Perhaps we can get some revelation from the midfielder of Madrid.

Some time ago, Karaceco said when they were interviewed that Chinese players lacked the love of football, so they won’t Mbappé Jersey put too much energy to improve their football capabilities, so that I have the deepest or their temper than their temper More, self – control is not good.

The results of Chinese men in the past 20 years are simply unbearable, and even become three streams of Asia, there is no competitiveness in the world. However, the grandfather of Chinese football is not small but not small. The fouls on the game are endless. The most famous incident is Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey too Zheng Zhiyi to kick the Sip into “Zheng Zhihua”; just held the recent Football Association Semi At the time of Shanghai Debi, because the words of dissatisfaction, Shenhua’s old man Feng Wei completely out of control, roaring to the side behind him, and the game is also interrupted, this is an example of Chinese players temper.

China is willing to invest in the football field, but the negative impact brought by high income will come out. Many of the super-super players will use their big wrists, superstars, for the media, fans, and even a bad language . However, the high-level athletes of the European Five Leagues, also respects reporters, fans, very respectful, rarely playing big-name, but in the middle of the superchard.

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Personally think that Chinese football needs to reform, but not withdrawing a few players, or changed a coach, it is the reform of the model. It should keep up with the West, Japanese and Korean business model; the athlete’s training is best going to be in the college team Selection of talents, because the awareness on the court is the key.