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Playing basketball, playing football, speed than spelling … Entering the new experience in "the most fun" sports exhibition area in the Expo

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At the fourth income,

Many sports brand venues

Through the special exhibits,

Interesting interactive area setting,

A new experience of visual and tactile.

Let’s take a look at Xia Qinggui ~

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The 75th anniversary of the establishment of NBA this year, in the center of the NBA booth, the honor hall is set, exhibiting the NBA championship trophy, rings and signed jerseys, showing NBA this through the screen of the floor of the honor The development process in 75 years.

In the interactive entertainment project, 360 degrees of immersive NBA basketball park settings, let the audience can not only participate in the IMAX giant screen scene and LED flooring, but also in the superstar Show and holographic projection interaction In the circle, “the same box is competing”, using the technological means to replace the NBA team’s jersey, put on the jersey of your home team to play a card, and enjoy the fun of basketball.

As an advocate of the concept of sustainable development, Adidas is more highlighting the product’s fashion and sports performance while taking into account the environment, and the first carbon footprint is shown below 3 kg of sneakers, “Dance Limit” and “Wuji” series of clothing, self-propelled “black technology” 4DFWD running shoes and other important results.

According to the staff, this year’s entry will also open three experience zones, football, AR interactive experience area, the audience can raise the “racing space” speed of the running warehouse, after the Kits Football Kitsfootball game, unlock Shanghai specialty running Route, Adidas running activities, and purchasing the heart of the sports equipment, giving a commemorative T-shirt with enhanced reality technology, and the fine memories of Shanghai enters the Expo. This time, Adidas will bring updates, more forever, and more representative practical results to consumers through sports breakthroughs, sustainable development, consumer experience, and interactive experience exhibition areas, showing “national fitness, stronger together” Theme of.

Reporter: Xu Zhe

Photography: Xu Zhe

Edit: Chi Shu Yue

Responsible Editor: Sun Chen