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Shandong Taishan 4: 2 defeated Henan Lushan Longmen, why is this game very exciting?

Today’s national football is too wants to play the 12th in his home, but this luxury dream is backward. Recently, the Football Association officially issued the article, the national football team will come to the West Asian kick competition. For the national football, it is not a good news, there are reporters a few days ago. Interviewing the midfield engine Zhang thin, he also hoped to play on his home, even if the empty field is also, the ball is also accepted, it can be seen that there are many eager to play in China, and now go to Wesia to play, How big is the Chinese football impact?
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If it is in accordance with the concept of the Football Association, in the two Lionel messi Jersey 12th game in November, in the domestic competition. For the next Super League, you can be held in the beginning of December, you can also kick this year, but now what plans are backward, only Push the medium super-deadline, why should I push it later?

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In the past two games, it is November 11th and Oman’s game. On November 16th and Australian competition, it is now held in West Asia. Even if the two games come back, return to China to isolate 14 + 7 Policies, that is, 21 days, it is Liverpool Jersey necessary to return to their respective clubs in mid-December. Of course, they need to be adjusted, and the superior superior will be able to restart, and there is still dozens of games in the middle of the game. Time, how to take the ability to complete the test of the Football Association.

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Of course, it is also a test for the national football. We know that the national football is in his home, not afraid of any opponent, and it is likely that the strong enemy of Brazil will kick, but it is very likely to kick the opponent than yourself. It is the biggest common problem of the national football. Now I seem to want to think about Australia and Oman kick, I can only take a step!

Huang Qiang talked about sports, saying that the programs said that the plan is not as good as change, saying two games in China, now I hope to fall, they have to go to Wesia, and I will have a shadow of the national football. I can be at home. Grab the points, now the difficulty increases, if the national football cannot kick Australia and Oman, then the national football is basically eliminated, and only the theoretical line is left, do you think?

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