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Video: China’s football name is later than 55 unbeaten records due to illness Zeng Wanda: China News Net

In 1982, the Spanish World Cup, in every Chinese fans, always doped with a bitterness.

Jikai, Pratini, Rossi, Roumeneg … This series of thunderous ear and has already engraved into the world’s football history Changhe’s name, and I was galloping in the peak of the peak.

However, behind the feast of the superstar is unwilling, the Chinese men’s football team fell on the courtyard of the game, and the history of the World Cup was only one step away from history.

History is always helpless, but the memory is so unforgettable. This failure brings Chinese football in addition to pain, and also got the fire of the people of the people to enter the world.Mbappé Jersey

However, igniting this fire-fighting national football team, so today, it will always leave the people in the expectations of Chinese football.

According to media people, the Chinese, this morning, the Chinese football name is still in the world, and the year is 72 years old. The new network reporter then confirmed this news from the relevant part.

Witness: Chinese Men’s Football Dream World Cup

Chi Shangbin is a national feet in the 1970s, representing the national football battle in 1976, 198Kits Football Kits0 Asian Cup; 1980 Olympic qualifiers and other major events.

In the 1982 World Cup qualifier, the Chinese football team returned to the FIFA family opened the journey of the second impact World Cup.

Lin Lefeng, Zuo Sheng, Shen Xiangfu, Gu Guangming, Ying Zhi Bank … In this player loaded into the Chinese football history, it is particularly conspicuous.

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The fan is full of expectations to the Chinese men’s football World Cup.

However, it is such a lineup with Asian first-class horizontal, but in the extremely tragic way.

At that time, the new Zealand, who had already kicked all the competitions, and the new Zealand, the new Zealand, the new Zealand, the latter, if the last round of Saudi could not be smooth, and the promotion will be obtained by the Chinese team.

Just when everyone thinks that the Chinese men’s feet have stepped into the World Cup, the worst situation suddenly happened – New Zealand 5 ball victory Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey Saudi, gaining the qualifications of the Chinese team.

The game time is three fold. The national football players of the temporary collection are also very tired. This is also buried in the subsequent failure, and finally the national football 1: 2 does not endorship New Zealand, the 1982 World Cup finals.

Chinese men’s footsteps are not enemy New Zealand.

As a captain, Chi Shangbin stood in the most core of the storm. When Chinese football can rush into the World Cup, this question is also hung up in every person who cares about Chinese football.

Twenty years later, in the 2001 Ten Race, Mi Lu led the Chinese team team, successfully entered the Korean World Cup, realized the dream of Chinese generations.

It has become a teachible for the members of the National Sports Chinese coach group, witnessed the answer to this question being finalized.

After the game, Chi Shangbin collected the game of the Chinese team World Cup, he said: “From the player to the coach, I have experienced many of the impact World Cup. When the player did not kick into the World Cup, doing the coach to achieve this dream, also worth commemorating.”

Accompany: Dalian Football Rough Fuxing Road

After the victory of the World Cup, Chi Shangbin chose hanging boots in 1982 and entered the Beijing Sports, and learned to follow the coach.

In 1995, the late Term Bin had once again embarked on the land of Dalian, and the mood of returning to the country was very different, and he was appointed by the Wanda Club as the team’s coach. Dalian football stage.

Chi Shangbin recalled: “At that time, Wanda team was in a landslide stage, and the team’s situation was not too optimistic. Therefore, the Wanda team is a challenge to me.”

After the team is less than a month, the second phase of the A A A-League has begun. In the case of opening the game, Chi Shangbin boldly enabled a group of young players like Sun Jihai. This change allows the team to remain unbeaten in the 12 games in the 1995 season.

From 2 to 12 unbeaten, Chi Shangbin’s coaching ability has been affirmed by Dalian fans. The story, everyone has already been familiar with the heart – Chi Shangbin led Dalian Wanda to create a 55 unbeatened record, Chi Shangbin himself also won the “best coach” in the two seasons. title.

However, not all waiting can flow.

In 2014, Dalian Albin unfortunately from the ultra-downgrade, and the late Shangbin, a high-level, have had to face the reality of Dalian’s first leaving in 21 years.

55 unbeaten and Dalian football have already become a history, and Chi Shangbin can only take the players, come to the spirit, raise the head, “Nothing, the sun will rise tomorrow.”

On the side of the heart, I can only digest myself: “Because Dalian is to face, a football city will go so, the people, including me is a Dalian person, my heart is uncomfortable.” “I put my own Old bones hope to defend the honor of Dalian football, now defending, then start again. “

Like thousands of Dalian fans, Chi Shangbin has been waiting for Dalian football to return to brilliant day, but now, although it has once again has a small and super team, it still needs time to settle again.

This or also become a peaceful regret for Chi Shangbin.

Chi Shangbin attends the launching ceremony of China’s football card counseling group. Zhongxin Net reporter Wang Muqing

Expectation: Foundation for Chinese football

Chi Shangbin has sighs: “Now the football is in the hearts of the people, it has left a very bad impression, as the practitioner, I am very embarrassed.”

He is far from the football line to work later to get more energy into the work of consolidating the foundation of Chinese football.

In 2017, the Chinese Football Association Member Congress considers the “165” action plan, and forms a Chinese football star counseling group to participate in the work of young training, and Chi Shangbin is one of them.

Late Shangbin has recently opened an open surface at the end of November 2020, and he and Zhu Guanghu, Li Chunman, attended the Youth Football Development Forum held in Xiamen.

Nowadays, I have been hooked, and I will have a rush of Chinese football struggling to dream, but I have left the rise of China’s football and how to rise.

The former people planted trees, standing for Chinese football on the forest of Asian Strong Brigade, and eventually going to the world. And now China’s football is re-departed, and there is only a few hope to be less regret.

(Source: Zhongxin.com)

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