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The basket will win two hidden dangers: the front line is soft, and Harden lost his own killer.

More than 1 week, 2021 will be officially entered in the winter, and there will be generally starting to cool down all over the country, and for a long time, this year’s winter will be earlier than ever, cold Air will come even more violent. In recent times, the financial crisis of Hebei and the difficulties in the business difficulties of Huaxia, the operation of the two clubs cannot be maintained, and the media also reported that the two teams were arrears. Today, there are elica customer care bangalore two super teams that have been exposed to arrears. Even the salary of the club staff cannot be paid. Whether the Super League can spend this winter, still want to hit a question mark.

The famous football reporter Miao original revealed that the cold winter of Chinese new india samachar football is completely coming, and the recent team that has passed out of the restriction news is the gantry of Jinmen Hu and Lushan. In fact, the two teams are almost lost before the start of this season. League access is eligible. Among them, after the Jinmenhuri was forced to rename, it finally met the requirements of the Football Association, but it made a difficult problem in financial issues. They didn’t even have prepared to withdraw from the Super League, but at the last moment, Jinmenhu actually Get the help of the outside world, successfully submitted the salary bonus confirmation, and can be left in the top league.

The situation in Lushan Longmen is similar. Since they cannot continue to use the name of “Jianye”, they are forced to rename, and they were also madly boycotted by Henan fans. However, after that, the www times of india news Lushan gantry did not pass the financial problems, but it was seen as one of the most operational conditions, and when other giants were tightened, they also spent the introduction. 2 foreign aids, and successfully kill the league crown group. However, after half a year, the Lushan Longmen also had a payment situation, and it is really difficult to believe.

However, Miaohara believes that the reason why the two teams have a bad problem is because they are affected by the intermittent period of the league, but it is worth noting that once the club has a bad problem, the credibility will be affected, and the mentality of the players may also be affected. It will change, this is not a good sign. From the current situation, the Super Character 16 teams, in addition to the national security, Taishan, Shanghaung, three major giants and latest breaking news in english Zhangzhou lions, other teams more or less financial problems, which have always been reported to claim, Super Chaow Hemorant the team is barely sustain operation, and now it seems non-virtual.

In the last two years, the bubbles in China’s football gradually wound, and the bankruptcy of Tianjin rights was dissolved, and the capital fled the football market. The more than 20 teams of more than 20 teams exited, and the Football Association was not caughtant, and Chen Yunyuan has also prompted Chen Yueyuan to promulgate two new regulations and neutralization. However, Chinese football is like a huge tree. Over the years, only the false prosperity of the branches, ignored the nutritional lack of the torso part, and the roots have already fallen. Chen Yunyuan originally hoped to transfer attention through national football, but from the aaj j performance of the top 4 games in the 12th game, the current national football team is still more than 100,000 miles away. Su Ning won the championship, and the Hengda’s financial crisis has pulled off the last shoal cloth of Chinese football. Although only 2 months left this year, Chinese football will undoubtedly usher in a new round. turmoil.
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