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The goalkeeper taboo in the five-person football match

In the five-person football rediff news india match, the door will be a very critical role. There are four of the following four are tricks. The friends who guard the door must pay attention. Once this behavior, not only give the other party, but also very wound.Oh.

Again, the door will take the top floor of the foot

Because the rule door will only catch breaking news the ball in the penalty area.

Two riders, the goalkeeper will throw the ball, and touch the football again before the other players don’t touch the ball.

This is also not allowed in rules.

Three taboos, the goalkeeper has not passed the ball before halfway, and the team members will pass the ball.

It is clear aaj tak english in the rules that this is not allowed.

Sadly, the door will send the ball without a restricted area.

This must notice that such behavior is also not allowed in the 11 football match.

The characteristics of the five-person football match are small venues, fewer people. Of course, the ball will be much smaller. For the door, it does not need too much wonderful saver, but the position is the most critical, and appropriateThe attack reduced the angle of the opponent’s forward shooting is especially important.