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The last dancer of Samba Football, Ninag is a pet, and is he dreaming next year?

He is forwarded to the idol of Robini bicycle skills, with excellent foot technology, he is the last dancer of Brazilian football. Looking at him is not only for winning, it is more like a visual enjoyment, he is the head of Neuar, the Chelsea JerseyBrazilian national team.

Like many slums of children, Ninamar likes to football, dreaming one day, can rely on football to make up for their cold ganchi. He is fortunate, Brazil is a place where football genius has given Nemal super high talent. He is only 11 years old by Santos, giving him a platform for playing. And it is the arrival of Ningmal, and Santos has ushered in spring. This talented boy, I went into the goal in the shortcoming team. His performance has made many people to see the bright future.

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In this day, Nemaar was in the domestic stadium, led the Santos team to have a number of championships. On the stage of the world, Santos, who led, met the “universe team” Barcelona at the time, although Santos 0-4 loses his opponent, but Naar’s performance conquered the world, and also conquered Barcelona.

Sure enough, in 2013, they contracted this Brazilian genius. The next year, I signed Suarez. In this way, the South American Trident is completed. They kill the four squares in the European stadium, and Lionel messi Jerseythey will take the championships in the Champions League. Neurale has reached the new peak of the club’s career! In 17 years, NeMar is walking in Paris, joining Big Paris, where his power is not reduced, fine disc that makes the fans like a drunk, excitement is abnormal. Although Paris has not touched the Champions League trophy, it is happy to kick, and let the fans look at it.

Unlike the smooth water of the club career, his national team career can be said to be a wonderful, but only lack of honor. After 2010, Ningmao was first selected for the Brazilian national team, and he also went into the national team career in the country team. Then I also participated in Soccer Jersey Discount the American Cup and the Olympics. Although I didn’t lead Brazil to get honors, his performance has made people feel that this is the third person after Mero.

In the 2013 Federation Cup, he led Brazil in the finals, got the first champion title of the national team career, and they also believe that in next year, the local World Cup will win. The 2014 World Cup is the pain of Neguard Well. The malicious collision of the knockout opponent made Nemale gradually stayed from his teammates, and stayed away from the last battlefield of Malakana. The group race he twice and saved the Lord. He watched him stably, Neimal used 22 years old. The shoulders picked up the dream of Brazil’s entire country. When he was unable to stand a bidder from the pain, how many people can’t bear it again.

Four launches are only for the gold cup. He is the Samba Legion leader, this is the story about Neussa. In 2018, he called the World Cup twice, and he was questioned. Although he used to go to the goal and assists themselves, it can still hide the fact that Brazilian football decline. In the face of the strand of European Red Magic Belgium, Nina is weak. The last moment of shoot was ruthlessly refused by Curu, the second time in the World Cup, he returned again, this time, there is no cry. Talking about the 2022 Qatar World Cup, 29-year-old Nemaar expressed clearly in front of the game, which would be its own last World Cup. It has already entered 69 balls for the Brazilian national team to help Brazil won the 2013 Federation Cup Champion and 2016 Olympic Men’s Football Medicine.

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The fans will regard Nabar as the number one star of the Brazilian national team and look forward to him to help Samba Legion get more honors. He said, I hope that I am trying to do my best in this World Cup, and we hope that the last dancer of this Samba football can bring the sixth star to Brazil. Just like 7 years ago, he was in the slogan of Brazil when he first in the World Cup: “Where, the sixth star is coming!”