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The most large door of the German zero seal will top10! Five people retired, active in Parmamen

There are many top doors in the football, and the zero seal scene is a big standard for measuring whether a goalkeeper is sufficiently excellent. Dego Recently, the latest statistics on the top ten gates of the zero seal in this century, five of them have retired. This is the most in the event, and the Buffon zero seals are the most, reaching 409 times. The Italian national door is also the first place in the list, reaching this zero-seater Evon, a total of 900 games. Buffon is now 43 years old, many players have already retired to this age, but this Italian player still gallops the news18 english game and maintains a good competitive state.

Buffon is in Parma, and most of the career is in Juventus. In the 18/19 season, I stayed in the Grand Paris in the 15/19, and I returned to Juventus in a season. Not enough, there is not much place, and the 19/20 season has also played 15 games, and the zero seal will reach 5, and the total will lose 12 goals. At the end of the season, Buffon chose to leave Juventus once again, looking for returning to the old man Parma. The old door of the new season will play a total of 14 games for Parma, and the total number of 9 goals is lost, and the zero seal will be 6 games. Bufffon still has excellent personal performance in the B. This is not easy.

The second place in the active duty is Rena, currently in Lazio. This front Spanish country is played in many giants, Bayern, Liverpool and other today news reading in english teams. Last year Reina returned to Serial effect, but not to Naples, but went to Blue Eagle. This 39-year-old door will, there is not much to complete a zero seal, which is once. However, its total zero seal is still quite amazing, reaching 355 times, and 17 games used by Babon Von. Reina is actually no longer young, but it is four years old than Buffon. Both of these people are active on the ground, enough to prove the greatness of the players, one is from it B, and the other is Serie A.

Rena is active, the total list is the fourth. After the body, it was two major active gates to Nobel and Luo, one in Bayern, one is a hot thistle. Both of these people are one of their respective national teams, the former is the German state, the latter is a French player. The strength of these two has already had no need to prove that the national team has a good www hindi new com honor. However, in the case of the club, it is obviously that Nobel is better than Luoli, Bayern is more than the hot thorn, and the team’s competitive strength is not a grade. However, in terms of personal strength, these two are the top gates. The number of zero seals in Novir is 344 times.

Lori is 285 times, and the zero seal is less than Nobire, but the scene used is more than Nobel. This piece is also a bigger Neuir. It has been 35 years old. This season has played 15 games for Bayern. The total lost 16 goals, and the zero seal is 6 times. As for Lori, only three zero seals were completed, but this and the thermal thorn were in good faithful performance. Five people in service, and one person is currently effective in the country, he is Handa Novich. This old door will be one of the heroes of the League Championship last season, national and international news app but with the gradual growth of age, its performance is also unable to decline the trend. This is also a normal phenomenon, so Inter Milan has been looking for a suitable alternative, hoping to successfully connect to Said Novich to become a new door god.