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The national football is against Aman, the first lineup surfaced! Aixson or returned to the start, Luo Guo hung

The national football is against Aman, the first lineup surfaced! Aixson or returned to the start, Luo Guo is hung, and the World Qualifier in the World Qualifier will re-ignite the war. Li Tie will lead the Chinese men’s football team to actively prepare for the last two games. The national football team began final printing. With the current state of the national football, it has reached the desperate situation. Retire, just let go, you can get out. National football team against dna news live hindi the Arman. This can be said to be a struggle that cannot be lost. If you win, you can keep the top three hopes. If you lose, you will start preparing for the next game. In the World Cup, this game is called the battle of the national football.

Oman is the largest black horse in this World Qualifier. From the first battle to start the first Japanese man football in Asia from the first battle to the horse back, only one ball in the second game with a small and negative Saudi Arabia, Three games were one more than three Australia. The fourth game is three more Vietnam. It should have a sustainable game, play a perfect game, relatively, the strength is obviously higher than football, is a coach, I have known Chinese football a long time. Ivankevi “” Football is not good, this experienced old coach knows the Chinese Super League. indian english news paper He is familiar with the style and technical level of Chinese football players. If the national football is ready, it will be disadvantaged, this arrogant For the speech of Li Tie, how can Li Tie’s football respond? “In addition, this game may be the class war of the coaches of both parties. If there is a mistake, the two team coaches are difficult to maintain.

The national football team is not completely bound, this game is obvious, the national football does not have other choices, can only win, this game should be very exciting, the two sides will be able to attack football, Li Tie will lead football to be actively prepared in Shanghai, but this kind God, I believe that the national football is constantly adjusting the lineup. Now that these countries have national news headlines adjusted their best. As long as there is no big problem, it is easy to get Oman. From now on training, Li Tie’s tactics should be attacked centered. This is the case.

Forward: Axon, Pioneer: Luo Guofeng, Zhang Yunning, Alan

After the waist: Wu Wei, Xu Xin, defender: Wang; Super Jiang Guang Tai Gao Wing Zhang Lin

Goalkeeper: Wang Dalei

There is a rendered player called Wang Dalei to debut, Yan Junling is responsible for the 9 balls entering the top four games, can reduce 3,5 balls, Wang Dalei can immediately take back the players behind, and the remaining defense line has almost no problem. Yes, I am coming to see the previous game, and there are three naturalization players in the previous game. They can better grasp the rhythm of the game, not to be suppressed by the opponent, starting from the last middle sand battle. The smart, breakthrough, cooperation and technology of the Brazilian player, the most painful Mr. Middle Eastern team, Mr. Luo Fu used his own strength to dig holes behind Saudi Arabia, handled very tired, he didn’t say to rule out Oman, Alm Kese Alan’s front line, inhibits Oman, at least can’t be passive, then half out of the battle Wu Lei these fast horses, in the back waist position, Xu Xin and Wu Yi’s partner, can have a certain stop ability, if four The defender can resist the pressure in the midfield, they will not bear too much pressure, but once the media is broken this is the key to the winning and negative.

If our coach advocates the man’s obsession, we can create a miracle for him, defeating Amm, let the Chinese fans reserve the hope of the World Cup, welcome to the football to defeat Oman’s forecast.

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