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The national football is invincible in Asia! 30-year-old strong aid single field is too powerful, and there is no one in China to defend him.

The national football team has been looking for a strong naturalized player, but it is still not enough aaj tak yesterday news to satisfy Li Tie. Have a very powerful foreign aid that has been shouted, he is Oscar. Today, the Football Association is on the game, the Oscar exclusive news today is exclusive. If the national football can be invincible in Asia.

After the first phase of the Super League, Oscar was suddenly injured in the ndtv india complaint number club training, so the Football Association Cup Oscar did not get too much time, and he is more on the desk to refuel for teammates. Today, the Football Cup ushered in a Shanghai Derby, Oscar finally returned. He came out to Shanghai Harbor’s firepower value directly to the largest, and finally Shanghai Harbor 5-1 defeated Shenhua.

Oscar is currently the strongest foreign aid. Although the superior superchard in Jinyuan football introduced a lot of big superstars, many of them were previously played in Europe. But after coming to China, after I met Oscar, I often praise Oscar is the level of top superstars. Therefore, although in front of the European players, Oscar is not inferior.

Today, today’s news headlines in english for school assembly international this afternoon, the first round of the contest, the first round of Shanghai Derby, Oscar, and started. The 8th minute Oscar midfielder camel, hindi important news the Lee rejuvenation was in front of the feet forward, and Lu Wenjun was inserted into the head. 15 minutes Oscar Assistant Yang Shiyuan broke, 24-minute positioning ball helps, 59 minutes Oscar assisted Polygonio, 85 minutes Assistant Liu Zhun completed the Assistant Sixi.

Have to say, Oscar’s ability is really powerful, and his game is really simple. If the national football can have Oscar, it is really invincible as asia. I have to say that I can’t name Oscar is the biggest regret of the national football, I hope that the national football team can also have a player like Oscar. (子)