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The sadness of the captain, the result of 0-3 means what does it mean to Barcelona?

The sadness of the captain, the result of 0-3 means what does it mean to Barcelona?

Barcelona the hindu tamil world defeated the first game of the Champions League game to Bayern Munich, the four captains of the team became the center of dispute. Boskitz, Pique, Alba and Roberty were started at Cumman, but only Picke was full of games, which was extremely rare in the history of Barcelona. If the ordinary player is frequent, the coach can be replaced by simply, but if many captains are collectively not online, then Barcelona is a very difficult widow caste no bar second marriage game.

– Bushz

The captain suffered from the opponent’s clamping in this game. In less than 60 minutes, he was infringed by the opponent by the opponent. In the face of the situation of four Chu songs, Boskitz can no longer help the team to combat offense and organize interception. . In the end, the coach Comann used Kimi to replace it, compared with the performance of Jiavie, a teenage style was’s headlines toi


Picker is the only one in the four captains of this game, with a 90-minute person, the passment of the passage is as high as 98%, and it is repeatedly blocked the opponent in the penalty area. Although the team was taken into 3 goals by Bayern, it is undeniable that Picke has not given up from the beginning to the end, and the action is rapid and dare to adventure. It is his encouragement to let Barcelona’s defense is not completely collapsed.

– Robeto

Roberty’s performance can be described as bad, all kinds of passes mistakes and various dd direct discretion, the game is replaced in less than 60 minutes, and the audience is even at the scene when he ended. Out of burst of buzz. It seems that it seems that the identity of the midfielder is more suitable for him.

– Alba

Alba seems to be a bit uncomfortable on Tuesday morning legs, and the afternoon is hurting to fight. At first, his state is not bad, you can go back to the attack and defense from the past, but over time, his state is getting worse, the success rate of passing the ball is only 74%. Kumman can only change him very helpless. After the game, the Medical Group of Barceloni was found after checking him, his right leg stock biceps were injured, and it was expected to be injured 3-4 weeks. Barcelona is undoubtedly snowing in Barcelona.