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The women’s football Asian Cup is about to begin, what is the new handsome difficult? Only due to the internal opinion of the Football Association

Now sports outlet which is in dispute is the Chinese women’s football, the reason why recently given due ajtaknew attention, because the problem is women’s soccer team coach since the beginning were women’s soccer, new layers of screening and interviewing coaches from mid-October It has not yet no results in November now.

This situation is not a good thing for the fans and Chinese women’s football team. Now the football team is like a group of dragons, there is no coach as the core of the core, but also faces the next game.

According to various news, this year’s selection system and various provisions have hard nucleation conditions, and the Football Association also has its own characteristics, so far, the Chinese Football Association does not publish the church coach, because There is no overall result.

However, the Chinese women’s football team immediately participated in the Asian Cup game held in India. As time became closer, the leaders india news channel owner of the Football Association were still not tight, but for the women’s football, I can’t drag again!

According to the news that the insiders exploded, now there is a phenomenon in the Chinese Football Association. As the saying goes, there are many places right and wrong, and now the entire football association is in charge of all China football all the movements, resources and each aspect.

And there are three phenomena of the three major sections inside, which are the Football Association of the State Administration, and is the Shanghai administration and professional administration. The Known of the Football Association’s head is Du Zhaocai, and the insider revealed that Junzhe and his relationship are very good.

However, the result of the staples on such a board, and later has a big change, there should be someone else from the intervenes! Shanghai, the punctual figures are Chenyuan, and now he is also awarded the work of the Football Association now. Now all the football team members of the Shanghai team have made a good result in the stadium, and all aspects are particularly good, this is also he can At the football association station, the big capital is always the biggest capital.

Let’s let’s talk about several people who are in charge of this, such as Sun Wen and Gao Hongbo, they are all in the football association management, who are in the football association.

We will say the second point, the woman’s football coach campaign is because the former women’s football coach Jia Xiuquan is a professional origin, but there is no good results in the field, and before he can enter the women’s football band competition. It is a cactor that belongs to a airborne type is not a regular process campaign.

Women’s football is now very good, from the World Cup to the official game of the Olympics. There is a good news fast tamil result in the normal flow or in the expected period, but this time Jia Xiquan has led to the current results because of the improper employment, and he will also get the Olympic game ticket, the biggest hero Tang Jiali gives it, This triggered a lot of public opinion disputes!

After the Olympic Games, the Shanghai Women’s Football Team’s coach was served as a temporary coach was delegated to bring a team competition. Although it got a very good results on the game, and Shanghai also intentionally made him serve as a new head coach. However, the football association did not agree, and the water celebrated did not participate in this coach’s campaign.

Because of the rumors of the Football Association, it can be seen from this phenomenon that the intention of the football association has been very obvious, and it is also blocked taja news in hindi today now, no realization!

Third, the Chinese women’s football coach campaign has become a farce, which is the most qualified to accept the women’s football team, but it is also negated by the Football Association, because he does not have any human relationship and stabilize the foundation throughout the Football Association. However, with so many years, he led the team to play a lot of outstanding achievements and experience in competition.

So I have received a lot of fans who like her, now all football fans and sports enthusiasts hope that the new coaches of women’s footsteps quickly, and now they are still not determined. The Football Association selects new coaches for the women’s football team. This is It became a joke.