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Why is the football player, the sports drink has to spit it out? Fans: I don’t vomit!:Indian news

Why is the football player, the sports drink has to spit it out? Fans: I don’t vomit!

As we all know, many sports competitions are very high, so athletes will add water during the middle of the game, but it is obvious that they can’t drink ordinary mineral water, but to drink special sports drinks, but Many people who don’t understand sports, maybe you will be confused, why is the football player, sports drinks have to spit out? Fans spit said: Don’t vomit you try!

In our view, since it Liverpool Jerseyis a sports drink, it must be used to drink, and it is still specially deployed, so it is very expensive, if you say, you have to spit it out, isn’t it too waste? NS? But in fact, it is not such a thing! For players, in the game, even if there is a lot of sports drinks, they cannot fundamentally alleviate the fatigue of the body, supplement sufficient energy.

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And a large number of sports drinks will have a fullness, so that the stomach of the athlete is uncomfortable, so the football player will not drink the drink directly, but it is used to gargle, because according to the scientific experiment, use sports Beverage mouth mouth, can effectively relieve fatigue, let the brain have an illusion, reinstall in the excitement.

This special mouthmail, there is a professional noun, called “carbohydrate Kits Football Kitsmouthprint”, so,,,, Drink, because it will affect the state of competitive, so some fans will spit: don’t vomit you try!

Many people will be curious, the brain has an illusion, which means that the body’s body is still exhausted. If you don’t drink sports drink, will you cause damage to your body? In fact, after the end of the game, the football player will enter liquid nitrogen emergency box, relieve muscle fatigue, and now there are more standardized, scientific and scientific, scientific, and what do you see?

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